Striving to empower the community through supplemental education and socialization.

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The CANTON COMMUNITY CENTER was Incorporated in October 2014 with the help of Attorney Denny Smith. Our FIRST meeting was held in November 2014.

We filed for our 501 (c)3 status and it took 3 months to receive. Once received, collected the necessary documentation to be OFFICIALLY granted the DEED of the building from Hannibal Regional Hospital. Awaited the HRH Board approval and received the building in April of 2015.

In May 2015 we entered into negotiations with the YMCA, considering options and proposals. We spent 6 months in negotiations, proposals and research. It was not the right option for our center.

In October 2015, the board reached a unanimous decision to regroup, restructure, and to formulate a reconfigured plan. In November 2015 our business proposal was unanimously accepted and we have moved forward.

In October our grant with the USDA was finally completed and approved for bid and in January 2018 we began Remodel with expected opening May and Grand Opening June 9th to coincide with our Annual Glowing on the River 5k Run/Walk

The items below are just a sampling of the many great things to come at the Canton Community Center!  As you will see there is something for everyone! Whether you are young or just young at heart!


  • A certified kitchen
  • A conference room 
  • A great room for various events
  • A tutoring program is even in the works!