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We offer 4 types of Memberships; Single, Single+, Family, and Student/Military.  Check out our Forms page to take a look at the paper applications to see pricing and how to complete your registration or complete the section below to register online now.

​When you join as a member you receive access to all fitness classes offered by our instructors, 50% off all other classes such as basket weaving, cooking nutrition, art, music, and drama.  Also receive 50% off rental of our great room or conference/kitchen.  When you join our center you are committing to more than just the classes, you are becoming an active member in our community! Families get to spend quality time together and with other families with similar interests, where individuals and couples get to meet others in our community and build that relationship with others.

Businesses that want to sponsor an employee or any person(s) please check out our Forms page as well and look for the Sponsorship application in the membership section.  It is up to you how you would like to sponsor, you can either sponsor a certain person or leave it up to our Board of Directors to select an individual(s).

One final membership option we have available is Membership Assistance.  This is reserved for the Board of Directors to select a predetermined number of people each period to give a temporary membership to. This membership assistance does require volunteering time.  Any individual wishing to apply please check out our Assistance Page.  

PLEASE NOTE! IF YOU ARE SIGNING UP FOR A BUNDLED PLAN YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER THE MAIN ACCOUNT HOLDER, PAY, AND THEN CHECK YOUR EMAIL! An Email will be sent to you to login to Wild Apricot (our Membership Program) to continue registering the people in your plan.  If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 573-288-0550.