Striving to empower the community through supplemental education and socialization.



Memberships are open to ANYONE that wishes to be a member, there is no geographical or age restrictions, If you are under 18 a parent or guardian must sign the membership form.  

  1. Single Membership Application--Single person registration $20 a month, discount for bulk pay
  2. Single Plus Membership Application-- Single adult plus up to 2 more individuals (couple, couple and a child, or single adult and 2 kids) $30-$40 a month, discount for bulk pay
  3. Student/Military Membership Application-- Single person registration for any students (High School or College) and any active or retired Military. $15 a month, discount for bulk pay, verification is required.
  4. Family Membership Application--For a family of 4 or more, must live in household. Rates begin at $50 a month, additional charges for familys of more than six.  Discounts for bulk pay.
  5. Membership Policy and Procedures Handbook--Required to be read and signed by master membership holder.
  6. Non-Members Release of All Claims--This form is required to attend any classes that are not open to the public such as fitness classes, it will be used to waive our liability for injury, in addition to track how many times you attend a class as a non-member


  1. Rental Space Application Form--Use this form to request the space usage, do not send payment with the application as to this is only a request, filling out this form does not guarantee you the rights to use the space.  Once payment is accepted by the Director or Board of Directors, this application will be considered completed.
  2. Rental Space Policy and Procedures Handbook--Required to be read and signed by Renter


Incubators are anyone that has or wishing to begin a business.  This can include but is not limited to Exercise, Cooking, Educational, or instructional. The Business Incubator program is designed to help grow your business, if you are looking for a spot in Canton to grow your business we are the right fit for you with this program, however if you wish to just hold a class to teach a skill then the Instructor area of the center may be a better fit. Contact the Director or the Board of Directors if you wish to discuss which area would be a better fit for you.  ​

  1. Business Incubator Application --Use this form to request the space usage to become a business Incubator.  Approval will be needed by board. 
  2. Business incubator Policy and Procedures Handbook-- required to be read and signed by business incubator.