Striving to empower the community through supplemental education and socialization.


We welcome you to Become a Friend of the Canton Community Center (CCC) and partner with CCC in its mission to provide art, education, recreation and a community building to Canton and Lewis County residents.

Sign up to give a yearly gift at any level or make a one-time gift. Your donation is tax deductible under our 501(c)(3) You can also donate at any time by using the donate button at the top right of our page.  Please share our page and your donation at any time! A major way for us to grow is word of mouth advertising from you and your donation.

Grants are great but donors are delightful! Your donation provides the CCC unrestricted funds with which do the great work of community building. Your donation helps keep the CCC clean, safe and beautiful so that it can support the many visitors who will pass through our doors every year.

Check below for information on how to become a donor and obtain a leaf!


Titanium Leaf Donor

$250 and up- A titanium look engraved leaf displayed prominently to all of our visitors.

Platinum Leaf Donor

$150 and up- A platinum look engraved leaf displayed prominently to all of our visitors.

Gold Leaf Donor

$75 and up- A gold look engraved leaf displayed prominently to all of our visitors.

Silver Leaf Donor

$25 and up- A silver look engraved leaf displayed prominently to all of our visitors.

​Each leaf level is available for the a full year.  We are currently accepting Leaf level donors until we open.  After that they will be offered each year a month prior to our anniversary opening date for two months! Remember this is a tax deductible donation under our 501(c)(3).

The Canton Community Center is looking for business, individual or groups of people that would be interested in becoming a founder of our center! We have spent the last few years preparing for the opening of our building and it will not be long now before the actual remodel will begin.  We have the majority of the interior remodel funding and programming is being put in place now. Remodeling of the interior is set to begin shortly and should take an estimated 6 weeks.

Summary of Programming benefits to the community of Canton:

  • Health, Fitness and Nutrition classes for ALL AGES
  • Social recreation classes open to public and limited cost, basket weaving, cake decorating, wine tastings, cooking, etc.
  • Business incubator for appropriate businesses with a limited charge option.
  • Regular financial, economic, and household development courses.
  • Resource Center for those new to the community, providing access to gov’t programs and local information welcome packs.
  • Conference Room, meeting place, and venue open for rental to members and public.

 We write asking that you consider becoming a Founding Sponsor of the Canton Community Center. We are offering all local and surrounding businesses and citizens an opportunity to show your support in a lasting and permanent way. With the remodel complete and programming planned, we would like those participating in our classes or utilizing the facility to see a representation of the area and feel a sense of community. Our Founding Sponsors Wall will showcase all of our sponsors in an inviting and aesthetic way, and allow all of our guests and visitors to view those involved in our project, for years to come.


​Thank you for your donation! To begin the process of becoming a leaf donor click on the form to the right or click HERE and fill it out.  Then send it to us and we will process your donation! Simple as that!

Please note: we will send a receipt to your email address on the form, if you prefer it mailed please state this on your form or method of delivery. 

Again THANK YOU for your donation!