Striving to empower the community through supplemental education and socialization.


The CANTON COMMUNITY CENTER was Incorporated in October 2014 with the help of Attorney Denny Smith. Our FIRST meeting was held in November 2014.

We filed for our 501 (c)3 status and it took 3 months to receive. Once received, collected the necessary documentation to be OFFICIALLY granted the DEED of the building from Hannibal Regional Hospital. Awaited the HRH Board approval and recd the building in April of 2015. 

Since then we have worked tirelessly to obtain a USDA Grant and host several fundraisers so that the building remodel can take place and open so we can be a major destination for our community!

Check out our Who We Are page, and the What We Do page, to find out more information about us.  Also take a peek at who our Board of Directors are and who our major Founders and Donors have been over the years! 

​We look forward to seeing you at the center!