Current Stage!

​We are currently waiting on the final USDA approval of our floor plans.  Once again the USDA has came back with a revision that needed to be done by the architect.  This was submitted to the architect on August 14th and this stage will take approx. 2-3 weeks.  Once completed the plans will go back to the USDA once again for a period of approx. 15-30 days.  This is hopefully the final stage of approval.  Once approved we can publish out for bids on the actual construction. Basically we are still in our twiddle thumbs stage, but in the mean time we have been working diligently on securing our instructors, programming and classes.  There is also tons of paperwork and forms to create to open our center, so this gives us the needed time to get this done as well.


The Canton Community Center began the interior remodel process by applying for a USDA Rural Development Grant of $45,000 and by hosting different fundraisers in our community.  Without the community of Canton, MO and the USDA this remodel just would not be possible! A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you.  As we go forward we will upload pictures and information here to keep you all updated.


The next stage of our remodel process will be to send out for bids.  If you, as a licensed construction company, and would like us to notify you personally when bids go out, please contact us