CONSTRUCTION BEGINS!!! Tentative start date is the 22nd of January and approximately 60-90 days of work! Then we will fill the building and OPEN! 

Be on the look out for membership information, business incubator information, and instructor signup information! This information will be posted soon!


The Canton Community Center began the interior remodel process by applying for a USDA Rural Development Grant of $45,000 and by hosting different fundraisers in our community.  Without the community of Canton, MO and the USDA this remodel just would not be possible! A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you.  As we go forward we will upload pictures and information here to keep you all updated.

Current Stage!

Currently we are finalizing paperwork the week of the 15th of January with Matt Farr of Farr Construction, the USDA, and Stock Design.  We are hopeful to have all paperwork signed by Friday 19th of January, so construction can begin!